Thee Lay Thee & Well-known Comedians Perform @ Art of Freedom Film Festival

The Prize-Giving Ceremony of The Art of Freedom Film Festival was held on 4th January 2012 at Taw Won Center, Yangon. Myanmar Well-known Comedians (Zarganar, A Yaine, Kin Kaung, Nget Pyaw Kyaw) and Thee Lay Thee A Nyeint Group (Sein Thee, Kyae Thee, Zee Thee, Pann Thee, Chaw Su Myo, Mya Sabai Ngon and Thit Thit Lwin) performed at the event.

The Art of Freedom Film Festival ဆုေပးပြဲမွာ ေဖ်ာ္ေျဖခဲ့ၾကတဲ့ သီးေလးသီး အဖြဲ႔ ႏွင့္ နာမည္ေက်ာ္ လူရႊင္ေတာ္မ်ား

Photos by Ko Tun.
Photos of MyanmarCelebrity.Com
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  1. တေန့ေန့တစ္ခ်ိန္ခ်ိန္မွာ ေအာင္ျမင္မွဳကိုရလာမည့္ဆိုတဲ့စိတ္ဓါတ္နဲ့ ၾကိဳးၾကိဳးစားစားလုပ္သြားတာကို က်နု္ုတို့ေလးစားပါတယ္

  2. I want to watch this performance...
    really nice to look this photo..
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  3. youtube မွာ ၾကည္.လို.၇ပါတယ္ ခင္ဗ်ာ..

    ၾကည္.၇တာအ၇မ္း အ၇သာ၇ွိပါတယ္...



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